Sinèrgics is the result of the initiative of Sant Andreu District and Ajuntament de Barcelona in order to reactivate the neighbourhood of Baró de Viver and our experience in community and coworking creation

Together, we have created a coworking space, located in different spaces unused on Baró de Viver and involved in the development of its immediate surroundings.

This coworking project is the meeting point between the professional’s talent and projects with social value, both involved in the socioeconomic development of Baró de Viver.

Nowadays, we have a community of more than 50 professionals who are involved and motivated to participate in the project.

Those professionals are developing their professional project at Sinèrgics at the same time as they participate in other social projects related to their experience, profession or knowledge.

In our coworking service, the distinguishing value is always the community builders’ team. At Sinèrgics, they have the mission to facilitate and enhance collaborations that arise between professionals and social initiatives.

The principal ressources are:

  • Fiber optic Internet, 1000MB.
  • The assistance of community builders
  • Kitchen area, meeting or workshop spaces
  • Community events
  • A wide variety of available resources.


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