Club Lleuresport evolves

Club Lleuresport evolves, presents the new rebranding, with a new website and a new logo.

From Club Lleuresport we wanted to make a change of image that responds to a need for renewal and usability.

With this change of logo and the new website, we seek to create synergies between all the centres we manage and, therefore, synergies also between all areas of management.

Focusing attention on the change of logo, where we have always had separated the two words that form it: “lleure” and “esport”, we have decided to join them together, so that all of us have a perception of the three areas that make up our company as one. Without separating them, because we are all part of the common project.

As far as the new website is concerned, we have created a meeting point for the three areas we manage, where we hope it will serve as an easy, direct and fast communication channel.

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